May 4, 2016 Storytime

For story hour May 4th we celebrated Mother’s Day with two books about mom.  Just Me and My Mom and Just for (Yu) You both by Mercer Mayer, a couple favorites of our moms and kids alike!!  After reading to the kids, I had the moms leave the room and my volunteer Justine Hulm came and helped me get the kids Mother’s Day gifts together.  We made a bookmark with a poem and a finger print flower. The poem said,

” I made you a flower with my finger and thumb so you will have these memories for all the years to come!”  Then we made a keepsake with four of the childs hand prints on it that said, ” Mommy you always clean the fingerprints I leave upon the wall.  I seem to make a mess of things because I am very small.  The years will pass so quickly I’ll soon be grown like you and all the little fingerprints will surely fade from view.  So here are special “Prints”…a memory that’s true.  So you’ll recall the very day I made this just for you!”  Being a mom myself and writing this message here makes me think of my older kids and my younger kids and how quickly the time does fly, so I hope all of our Hebron friends had a very happy mother’s day and thought of all the great memories or kids, (furry kids included), have made for us.

Pictured from left to right we have Caleb Kaminsky, Noelle Kaminsky, Sarah Dominguez, Ricky Dominguez and Morghan Coots holding their bookmark and keepsake, and wishing their mommies a Very Happy Mother’s Day!


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April 27, 2016 Storytime

We read the book The Promise Quilt by Candice F. Ransom and continued our alphabet pages with the letter “Q”.  It was a book about a promise between a father and daughter.  The father went off to war and passed away and the daughter only had a flannel shirt to remember her father by.  The towns people had to come together to rebuild the school and the mother made a quilt to earn money for new books, she ran out of fabric to do the edging, so the daughter gave her fathers shirt to use.  It was a very good book and the parents were more interested, but I would suggest this book for any family!!

April 27.png

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April 20, 2016 Storytime

So it was Earth Day this week and since we read a couple spring books and planted our flower seeds from the last story hour, our “spring” themed books this week were Wake Me in Spring by James Preller and Spring for Strawberry Shortcake by Monique Z. Stephens.  Wake Me in Spring is about a friendship between a bear and mouse that had to be put on hold while bear hibernated all winter. To which they said to one another how much they’d miss each other.  Spring for Strawberry Shortcake was about Strawberry and her friends waking up on the normal spring planting day and it’s still winter out, so they work together to go find spring so they can plant everything they’ll need for their town.  The kids loved how they found her and told her how important she is and got her to want to do her job again, and in the end, she even helped plant with them!!  Thank you everyone who comes to story hour every week, I love seeing all your faces!!

After reading we decorated 6″ planters for their new flowers to go into.  Which a couple of them told me their flowers were already popping through the soil!!  Very exciting, can’t wait to hear where they are this week!!  In the picture left to right we have Caleb Kaminsky in front and his sister Noelle Kaminsky behind him, Morghan Coots, Adrie Kennington, Gentry Kennington, Sarah Dominguez and Ricky Dominguez.  This was Calebs first complete story hour as he’s always active and running around, so it was awesome to have him hang out and listen to the stories and complete the craft with us!!  Also since him and his sister weren’t here last week to plant, before everyone showed up this week I had them plant their flowers so they had them for their planters!!



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April 13, 2016 Storytime

Anticipating spring we had some extra fun planting some flower seeds to kick off the nicer weather coming!  I can’t wait to hear the stories about how they’re growing! For story hour we read about spring in two books Do Zebras Bloom in the Spring and Hopper Hunts for Spring

Here we have holding their newly planted seeds are Morghan Coots, Adrie Kennington, Gentry Kennington, Sarah Dominguez & Ricky Dominguez
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March 2016 Story Hours

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For this story hour in March 3rd we read And To Think I Saw It On Mulberry Street by Dr. Suess.  In this story the little boy goes on a grand adventure down his street and goes home to tell his adventure to his family.  To find out what he seen come on over and check out this fantastic book!!  We also read There’s a Wocket in my Pocket by Dr. Suess, in this story we read about a household of unusual creatures help beginning readers recognize common “”household”” words.  To find out what these creatures are come on over and check it out for yourselves!!  After reading our Dr. Suess stories we made our “One Fish, Two Fish” picture!!  The kids have such a great time at story hour.

For story hour on March 9th we learned about the letter “O”!  We also had a guest reader that week, thank you to Mrs. Sharon Sayler for coming in and reading to the kids, they loved it!!  She read Octopus Protests by Jacquelyn  Reinach and Bicycle for Sale by Dan Yaccarino.  Two wonderful books about an octopus!!  So the kids then turned their  letter “O” into an octopus.  Pictured in the reading image is Sharon Sayler reading Octopus Protests, (from left Destiny Serfling, Sarah Dominguez, Morghan Coots, Adrie Kennington and Gentry Kennington).  (In the art picture holding their beautiful letter “O” octopi we have from left to right, Morghan Coots, Gentry Kennington, Adrie Kennington, Sarah Dominguez and Destiny Serfling).  Adrie and Destiny wanted their octopi in water so they put them on blue paper, the others hung them up by a string to let the limbs blow in the breeze.

For story hour March 30th we learned about the letter “P”!  We read Penguin Pete and Penguin Pete’s New Friends by Marcus Pfister, than we did our craft of turning our letter “P” into a penguin!!  The kids loved the penguin books and our stuffed penguin so we had to join them in our picture!  We had some extra time after doing the craft that we were able to read another book, so we read The Emperor’s Egg by Martin Jenkins, which explained to the kids how penguins take care of each other and their eggs!!  It was very interesting and the kids loved the pictures!! ( In the picture left to right we have Ricky Dominguez, Sarah Dominguez, Gentry Kennington, Morghan Coots, Adrie Kennington and Noelle Kaminsky.  Holding the most beautiful penguins I have ever seen!!)

“Great job to my kiddos every week you make my day and job memorable!!”  – Sabrina Serfling

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February 24,2016 Storytime

We continued our alphabet pages with the letter “N”. We read two books Fireflies In The Night by Judy Hawes and Good Night, Fairies by Kathleen Hague. They focused on the theme “night”. They discussed why the sky is black and what is in the night sky, they enjoyed the other parts about fireflies and fairies mostly. Also, because we have a bright moon and stars they decorated their craft with glitter and star stickers.

We also welcomed a new friend to story hour as the family is new to town!!  So from the Hebron Library and it’s friends, WELCOME TO TOWN LAFAUCI FAMILY!!  I am so happy to have some new faces at story hour!!

In the picture we have Afton Coots, Noelle Kaminsky, Morghan Coots, Sarah Dominguez, Ricky Dominguez and our new friend Elijah LaFauci hold their beautiful “Night Skies” with their shiny moons and sparkling stars!!


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February 17, 2016 Storytime

We went back to our alphabet pages and learned about the letter “M”. We read two awesome books, If You Give A Moose A Muffin and  If You Take A Mouse To School both by Laura Joffe Numeroff. They got to choose to turn their craft into a moose or a mouse. They also enjoyed the extra treat in their treat bags that also happens to start with “M”. Mouthwatering muffins. Shown below are our dear friends proudly bestowing their projects Gentry Kennington holding her moose, and Adrie Kennington & Morghan Coots holding their mice!!


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