April 20, 2016 Storytime

So it was Earth Day this week and since we read a couple spring books and planted our flower seeds from the last story hour, our “spring” themed books this week were Wake Me in Spring by James Preller and Spring for Strawberry Shortcake by Monique Z. Stephens.  Wake Me in Spring is about a friendship between a bear and mouse that had to be put on hold while bear hibernated all winter. To which they said to one another how much they’d miss each other.  Spring for Strawberry Shortcake was about Strawberry and her friends waking up on the normal spring planting day and it’s still winter out, so they work together to go find spring so they can plant everything they’ll need for their town.  The kids loved how they found her and told her how important she is and got her to want to do her job again, and in the end, she even helped plant with them!!  Thank you everyone who comes to story hour every week, I love seeing all your faces!!

After reading we decorated 6″ planters for their new flowers to go into.  Which a couple of them told me their flowers were already popping through the soil!!  Very exciting, can’t wait to hear where they are this week!!  In the picture left to right we have Caleb Kaminsky in front and his sister Noelle Kaminsky behind him, Morghan Coots, Adrie Kennington, Gentry Kennington, Sarah Dominguez and Ricky Dominguez.  This was Calebs first complete story hour as he’s always active and running around, so it was awesome to have him hang out and listen to the stories and complete the craft with us!!  Also since him and his sister weren’t here last week to plant, before everyone showed up this week I had them plant their flowers so they had them for their planters!!



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